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5 mistakes home loan applicants should avoid Any wrong choice or decision made by a home loan borrower can reduce his chance of availing an optimum home loan and also affect future repayments. Credit score is one of the crucial parameters factored in by the lenders while evaluating an applicant’s creditworthiness. Home loan is a long-term financial commitment for borrowers, given that it involves a longer tenure and a larger loan amount. Any wrong choice or decision made by a home loan borrower can reduce his chance of availing an optimum home loan and also affect future repayments. Here are 5 mistakes that prospective home loan applicants should avoid: Health Insurance: How to make claim request if an insured person dies in hospital 1. Accumulating insufficient corpus for loan down payment see this page or margin contribution RBI guidelines allow lenders to finance up to 75-90% of the property’s value, depending on the home loan amount. The final proportion is decided depending on the lender’s credit risk evaluation of the loan applicant. The remaining amount needs to be contributed by the applicant from his own resources in the form of down payment or margin contribution. Home loan applicants should accumulate at least 10-25% of their property’s value to ensure their financial preparedness for availing loan. As making higher down payment or margin contribution reduces the credit risk for lenders, applicants making higher down payment or margin contribution have better chances of loan approval and at usually lower interest rates. Hence, loan applicants looking to reduce their interest cost should try contributing bigger corpus as home loan down payment. However, avoid compromising on emergency fund or investments earmarked for crucial financial goals. 2. Not reviewing credit score before making home loan application Credit score is one of the crucial parameters factored in by the lenders while evaluating an applicant’s creditworthiness. Home loan applicants with a credit score of 750 have higher chances of home loan approval and increasingly at lower interest rates. Thus, applicants planning to apply for a loan should fetch their credit report at regular intervals. Doing so would give them adequate time for taking corrective measures to improve their credit scores, if required. 3. Not comparing home loan offers from multiple lenders Interest rate, processing charges, repayment tenure, loan amount and LTV ratio offered by lenders can vary, depending on the applicant’s credit profile. Thus, always compare home loan offers from as many lenders as possible before submitting loan application. Applicants should approach financial institutions with whom they already share an existing consumer relationship.


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